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That new phone smell… 

Most of you know I’ve been having phone issues for a while now where it switches off as it wants and doesn’t support most apps (because the ios doesn’t upgrade higher than 7).  It got progressively worse till a point last week where it  decided it doesn’t recognise an original cable anymore which means no charging unless you pull it out and plug it back in half a dozen times and then the same while it’s charging (oddly enough it charged fine in the car). So Friday  my dad and my person got me a replacement as an early xmas / I need some web and design stuff done gift (bribery is  awesome).

I can’t tell you how great it feels to have a phone that charges when you plug it in and doesn’t switch off randomly when you open an app!!! I know having a phone is a first world thing you should be grateful to have and trust me I so  am,  even though I don’t actually take calls I still rely  on my phone for a lot of work purposes.

For those on the hunt or who are curious  I got a Xiaomi redmi 2.  They are listed at under 2k and I know they aren’t a famous brand but their specs have them ranked with the big boys. We looked at an LG but the Xiaomi was only R300 more than the entry level LG so went with it instead.  So long as the software works I am not fused about brand names and the comments and reviews we checked from random people were mostly good with only a few bitching about stuff that didn’t seem to really be an issue.

xiaomi redmi pro 2 frontxiaomi redmi 2 backMy instagram accounts are going to be spammed with photos now haha. And I’m on snapchat!!!

I can’t say yet if I’m going to really miss the iPhone world. It had is advantages and I really did love it, it gave me two great years and The Person had it almost 3 years before that so it’s definitely served it’s time and lasted longer than any smart device I’ve ever had cept maybe my tablet. What  I am going to miss is world map cover though. Guess I need to make a cool cover for this one now!

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