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Thank you Joanne 

It’s hard to believe that’s its been 20 years already since I was introduced to the wizarding world, to Hogwarts, to the trio, to magic. But I will always and forever find comfort in the world of Harry Potter.

When I first picked up the Philosopher’s stone I was 9 and in a boarding school in a country different to the one I’d grown up in and thousands of miles away from either of my parents. 


I’m going to have to cut this nostalgic trip and feelings post short because I’ve been trying to write this since this morning but every time I form a decent sentence Fysh barges in and demands to be heard and then all the right words are lost. This is the life of a parent. So instead I’m going to call it an early night and go make popcorn, crawl into bed and put the philosopher’s stone on. 

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