Thank you 2018

I wasn’t going to do a reflection post but then I browsed through my instagram and realised just how much happened in 2018 and how much we survived/accomplished and that should be documented because it means we have a 100% survival rate so far.

A lot of crappy things happened; our car died, we almost lost M twice due to a mugging and an accident, we had the biggest hiccup in our relationship and we said goodbye to my NaNo baby. We were taken advantage of and lost a court case which led to a lot of growing up being done; I cut ties with toxic relationships and learned that I don’t have to please everyone, that sometimes I do actually come first but also that I need to get better at saying no and not apologising for it.

The highlights outweigh all of it; I turned 30, started studying towards a degree and even managed to earn 2 distinctions in my first year. I shot a 50 calibre sniper rifle, we played in REAL knee deep snow. We went camping twice. I galloped up a forest hill to look over my favourite little town in SA – Greyton. I released my first colouring book, and finally finished my first book. Put on my big girl panties and made a massive decision to move from the only home Fysh has known to a beautiful little patch of green in the country. Started a successful veg garden and won an iPad.

My tribe grew. My faith in humanity restored a little when a community came together to help a friend raise funds to get a life saving transplant. And I observed in awe how my partner in crimes showed me yet again what true strength is by making it through another year without her daughter.

So grateful to everyone that we met along the way in 2018, you helped us grow in one way or another xoxo



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