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Talking confidence 

So mid last month I got bold and offered myself up to for her #CTconfidence initiative. She did it last year and you can watch the video here. I really loved it and you’ll see a bunch of familiar faces in it. So when she said she was looking for 10 girls to do it again this year I thought hey why not right?

Well she decided to change things up?! And this year instead we were given 3 questions to mull over and answer. Oh fuck it was so awkward. Abigail is amazing though, I think that secretly she’s a psychiatrist cause she had me talking so easily and coming to realisations that I hadn’t before. 

Confidence is kinda like a seesaw for me. Some days I’m full of it and can take on the entire world. Other days I’m looking at the video thinking, gawd woman how can you live with the double chins. 


Watch my video here ♥

Body dysmorphia is real and those voices I talk about are mean. But I do believe what I say. Confidence is about being you and rocking it. 

There are 9 other videos in the series and she’ll be uploading a new one daily so join in on the #CTconfidence conversation and keep an eye out for the next one.

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