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A Table Mountain instameet

So as a local earning local monies we don’t go up the mountain really often because let’s face it, most of the fun things like that are aimed at the tourists and the dollars and euros that they bring with them and hiking up there in my severely unfit state would probably require me being airlifted out of the gorge.

BUT! The great thing is that Table Mountain has brought back #KidzSeason! Which means that until 30 September when one adult buys a ticket two kids get to ride with for free! Which makes a trip up with the kids a more appealing adventure cause you aren’t paying for them yay! (They also have a year pass you can buy where if you’re like us and love going up you can buy one of those and we worked it out that you only need to go up and down three times to make it worth purchasing) They also don’t mind you packing in your own picnic or snacks and bringing it up with you which means you can but aren’t forced to have lunch at the cafe (who do actually make really great food – and epic chocolate slushes – and even cater for vegans) which to me, a mom on a budget, is a HUGE plus.

table mountain

To celebrate the start of #KidzSeason we were invited up the mountain for an instameet! I think they’ve set the bar high in Fysh’s eyes. When he heard where we were going today he just about freaked. He LOVES it up there and is a real rock dassie, darting about and simply driving me mad and envious with his abundant energy (until he gets hungry or thirsty and then he’s “dying” and can’t move). We got a map and were sent off on a “treasure hunt” that led all over the mountain and then got treated to lunch. Fysh even won a prize for a photo he asked me to take of him and the clouds (I’m not going to take credit, this was all him and a bunch of luck, I couldn’t even really see what was going on on my screen haha).

I’ve thought long and hard about adding this in to the post and I decided I’d rather be honest to what and who we are as a blog so I’m adding it. > We had our own miss world moment unfortunately, we were accidentally handed the wrong prize and of course it’s something the mini has been after for a while so when it was taken and swopped for the yummy fudge he can’t eat there was a bit of lip wobbling and a few tears. I wanted to make a scene because even as an adult I know how it sucks when that happens so I totes get it that his little heart is aching (and that’s usually what I would do if he wasn’t around) but I just left it and instead promised that if I can find one on gumtree or freecycle with all it’s bits and bobs and I get another crochet or design order in we can get it (luxuries are not a priority in our house). I really am miffed about it though, there wasn’t an apology or anything which I feel really sucks but I guess mistakes happen and the blue haired cupcake and her Fysh can easily be mistaken for a family of seven in the chaos that is a blog event.



Despite the hiccup leading us to leaving a little earlier than planned it was a fantastic morning spent running about and seeing Cape Town from a different point of view. Think that when my foot has healed properly we’re going to make it a mission to climb up again at least once a month (please have heli rescue on standby).

table mountain

Oh and if you haven’t been up lately you’ll be stoked to hear that they now have a wifi lounge (with FREE WIFI) and a plethora of charging stations ranging from two point plugs and euro chargers to usb ports! (I think we found Nirvana!)

Some random facts about Table Mountain that I read on the back of the toilet door that I found really interesting:

  • Water Management
  • We’ve reduced the amount of grey water generated by a massive 1-million litres, by moving the production kitchen to the Lower Cable Station and using compostable cups, lids, cutlery and straws in our food and beverage facilities.
  • Meters have been installed to monitor our water usage. This has seen us reduce our water consumption by nearly 32 cable cars full compared to 2013 and by over 5% per visitor since 2014.


  • Waste Management
  • Over the past year we’ve reduced the waste we send to landfill by 52% and increased the amount of recycling done by more than 950%.





** No your screen isn’t dirty, there really are weird marks on my photos and no they aren’t a crappy watermark. When Fysh was really little he got hold of my camera and somehow managed to damage the mirror on the inside and it costs a new camera to replace which is why I just deal with it. (You’ll remember my decent one was stolen by an ex housemate and used for a flight ticket, not kidding, which is why I stopped doing photography and why y’all have to deal with marked photos)

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