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You’ll remember that back in 2014 I lost weight. A LOT of it and I was able to maintain it for a while and then I was injured which meant no gym and that combined with meds that had a lovely side effect of severe weight gain, meat eating coupled with excuses and shit like that brings you to me now. Fat, overweight bordering obese if not, bad cholesterol and struggling to stay cheery while I feel my weight hindering me and anything I try do.

When we were in Knysna I was faffing on Instagram during a spot of internet connection and up popped a sponsored ad (yes, those things we all loathe) for a private gym in my area doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and I did a bit of this at the previous gym and enjoyed it so it peeked my interest but I was on holiday and thought eh and ignored it. Well that damn ad kept popping up on both Instagram and on my FB timeline so I took it as a sign and finally emailed them about the 21 days challenge…

Today was my first workout. I left a part of my soul in there, hopefully the shitty part that breaks me down and tells me I can’t do things. I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow but I’m going to be there again when they open and I’m going to try again to keep up! And I’m going to do that every damn day for 21 days. The trainers are great, I have back issues and they make sure that I’m okay and give me alternatives to do if it aggravates the injury, oddly enough it was that damn broken toe that came back to get me today and not my back. Broken things don’t heal as quickly as you’d like. But they quickly came to my aid when they saw I was struggling and gave me a different workout that would target the same thing.

I know it won’t take only 21 days to get back to where I was, thinking that would be stupid. But I’m using these 21 days as a start, as a kick up the butt, because as The Person always tells me “it takes 21 days to form a habit” and this is a habit I need to get back. So for the next 21 days be prepared to follow me on my journey, to hear about my cravings and frustrations, to get my favourite recipes for smoothies and protein shakes and for fun workouts you can do from home with the kids and so on. No I’m not becoming a fitness blogger, I just feel like I’ll feel more accountable and motivated if I’m posting about it.

You keen to join me? We are also dropping the meat again cause it clearly doesn’t do me any good and I’m kicking the sugar addiction, well more like the coke addiction than sugar. >> if you’re in Table View/Parklands/Milnerton/That area come and join me at the gym!!! >> HIIT FITNESS (excuse their website, I also laughed).

Here’s to healthier choices! To no more round face. To getting fit and healthy.

HIIT fitness parklands

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  1. Well Done on day one, Cupcake and Best Wishes!
    I do believe in starting habits with “high intensity” and hard work, because nothing motivates more than seeing instant results!

  2. Well isn’t it handy that you could build them a new website… you know, in return for free workouts maybe?

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