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SURPRISE! you’re 50 now but we still love you

maskMy mama turned the big FIVE OH on Saturday and we celebrated it with a surprise party at the pottery studio in Melkbosstrand that her friend owns :)

It’s really a gem of a spot. We used to drive all the way to houtbay to paint pottery which was great and all that but it meant that you had to drive all the way there again 2 weeks later to go and fetch your stuff. Not so fun. Melkbosstrand is 14km from me so it’s a much better option.

Mel designed a 32 piece dinner service for mama and we picked out 3 colours for the friends to use (that way though the designs are different the colours tie everything together). Each friend clubbed in some to cover the plates and firing etc as her gift.

tablepainting CollageWe kept it a secret. Yup, 20 women including my 6 year old were able to keep the plans dead quite for 2 months. Her friends lied to her about being busy or only able to pop by. Even my sister lied and said she has to work. Mama was a bit bummed but she stayed cheery and invited us over for a braai. Her friend Max took her out for breakfast and then made up an excuse saying they have to go and fetch a platter at the studio because Mel is giving a class but wants mama to have it.

Her face when she walked in and realised what was going on made the 2 days of baking and am sure at least 100 new grey hairs totally worth it. Am so glad mama has such amazing people in her life, she really deserves every one of them.

table CollageThe designs ranged from random dots and stripes and my random doodles to beautiful stencil pieces and whatever the hell it was that Fysh was making haha.

melkbos pottery studiomelkbos pottery studiomelkbos pottery studio

She really is an amazing woman and though I can’t give back much of what she’s given to us I really hope that one day I can. Mama we love you dearly x

cupcakemummy and family

My sister, Me, Fysh, Mama and my Gran (GG) – 4 generation in a shot. Unfortunately my great grandma no longer lives with mama so we’re missing a generation in the shot.

And if you're interested in having your own party at Melkbos Pottery Studio you can find them on Facebook <3


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