Sunday waffles are the best waffles

Across the railway is a “little” garage station. But it’s not your usual garage station store vibes at all. They don’t even have those 3am hangover pies! No seriously. It’s called Zettlers and it consists mainly of imported sweets, overpriced tourist goods and the odd convenient store goods at almost double the normal store price.

Recently (in the SA sense) they added a burger joint to it, it’s kinda separate to the store but still attached if that makes any sense. Their burgers aren’t too bad actually and they’re priced at general burger prices but they have a few lovely extra’s that we love. Like R5 soft serves! R35 mozzarella sticks with chips and a slushy (Fysh’s favourite meal)

and then the piece de resistance > R29 waffles!!! And these aren’t your wimpy waffles, these are large and covered in ice cream and decorations.

We usually grab the “chocolate fantasy” simply because it’s covered in jelly beans, mini marshmallows and all the sprinkles and it’s the R29 one. They have 3 other flavours as well which are R35 (no idea why they are more) – fudge, caramel popcorn and mint something or other.

The fudge was our last one and personally I prefer it over the jelly bean covered fantasy but we’ve both decided that we’re giving the popcorn and mint a skip.

Sunday’s are Fysh’s day, I don’t do any work and we just spend the day doing things like playing board games and chilling outside reading but we now always start our day by hopping across the tracks to get a waffle to share and chat about what happened during the week, what we learned and anything remarkable that happened.

It’s not a big and extravagant gesture because those we simply can not afford but in the end I know it’s the small things like this that will stick with him, I know this because it’s the silly small traditions that my mom tried to create for us that I remember the most :)

Thanks mom for teaching me to appreciate the small things in life and for always trying to make life good for us – and of course for now doing the same with your grandson when we visit xoxo

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