sugar cookies for gifts

We needed to come up with a unisex gift under R100 for a christmas gift swap thing. I was going to crochet slippers out of odds and ends but then I was told it’s numbered and we won’t know who’s getting our gift so shit that’s not going to work cause you can’t really make one size fits all slippers when there’s men and women involved. So shit… what’s cheap and unisex then?

COOKIES! It’s entertaining to make, Fysh has fun and keeps busy and using a kid to decorate the cookies means you can get away with them not looking perfect and people still saying “aaaw” about them :P

So here’s the recipe we’re using.

You can get creative, add chocolate chips, dunk them in chocolate, put crushed candy canes on them, add cinnamon in them etc :)

And a little tip: get a roll of brown paper and give it to your kid to scribble or paint on (or make potato stamps!) then use that to wrap a box and voila. You upped the cute factor and saved on wrapping paper. Which is like R33 a role now :/


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  1. We also love this idea! The way you presented the recipe though is super cool. We pop them into a Glass jar, cover with a ribbon and we good to go. Great gift for a neighbor or colleague even :) Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

      1. I have used coffee tins before – what works wonderful is do decopage something on them – what about a print out of this beautiful recipe on the tin? That would be really special

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