Stubborn or Determined?

I haven’t really been writing here much lately as you can tell despite having several things to review and books to talk about. It’s been easier for me to Instagram my thoughts and I feel a bit more validated there like people are actually seeing it. Dumb I know.

Another reason I haven’t been writing much is because I’ve been so busy I simply don’t get around to it. I started my 365 project with the hopes of it helping me mentally as last year was so rough I needed a little something to get me going, to motivate me to get out of bed in the morning and actually do something. What I didn’t foresee was getting so busy work wise. I am so NOT complaining about this though, it’s been really nice not having to worry about how I’m going to pay the bills and get groceries but it means I am constantly working. Between homeschooling Fysh, the 365 project and retainer/commissioned clients I haven’t had a day off since the January 1st. The Person says that I should stop my project when I get to 100 but then my head kicks in and says NO you said 365 and you have to stick with it now.

I am always busy whether I want to be or not though, even when I’m idle or out for dinner I’m busy plotting something in my head, bobbing my leg or fidgeting and mainly feeling guilty about not doing something productive.

Asking for help has never been something that comes easy to me. Ever.
Fall off a horse? I’ll keep riding even with a puncture in my arm and an ass so lame I can’t feel the saddle.

The Person has been staying here for almost a month now helping me sort out the house, I’m a hoarder very sentimental, I even have soft toys from when I was a baby. So he’s been gently but urgently making me deal with all of the visual noise and bagging things into sell/giveaway/donate piles.

I was thinking of utilising the shop function on my blog to list things I’m selling so y’all get first pick. There’s things from pasta machines to books and baby stuff.

Should I?
Or should I just go on to the cape town selling page and list it there?

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