Stove top popcorn

I love popcorn but I’ll admit that for the longest time ever I wasn’t able to make it on the stove. It was nothing but bags in the microwave for us and those aren’t exactly cheap. A few years back I had a sailor staying here that laughed when he found out I can’t stove top popcorn so he took it as his duty to teach me, slightly humiliating as he was younger than me but eh.

Stood in front of the stove now confidently making us popcorn and decided I should share this knowledge with the world. While most of you are probably laughing at this I am sure that there’s one or two of you who would really appreciate the insight so…

  • Grab a pot, put a bit of oil in it and set the plate to 6.
  • When the oil is hot (it kinda goes smooth runny instead of a thick runny) put your kernels in. And here is where the big secret comes in – only put enough kernels in to cover the bottom of the pot, if you put too many in you’re going to get those burnt ones you need to wash down with peanut butter.
  • When it starts popping quite poppingly turn the plate off and let it do it’s thing.
  • When the popping starts slowing down take the pot off the plate and move it to a cold one.


Yeah, I know right. So easy, how could I not get it right on my own. But hey, can’t be great at everything naturally.