Still alive 

Took a bit of an hiatus from blogging as you can tell. Mainly because the days of the week really seem to be blending in together this time of year. Today is Thursday already! I was honestly convinced it was only Tuesday. 

Lots has happened off blog though. I attended an epic ladies breakfast that I need to tell you about so you can be at the next one. I’ve read a few fantastic books. Drawn a few pretty things. Met some lovely people. Received a beautiful necklace. Eaten some awesome donuts and dealt with something that seriously explains the country we’re in and why I want out of it as soon as bloody possible. Those who follow on Twitter or Facebook will know about the last one. I’ll try and put it into proper words this weekend while we’re on the farm and tell you all about it next week. 

Just wanted to check in and wish you all a magical day. Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go xoxo