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step by step mermaid hair


Right, so many a person has asked me where I get my hair done, the answer used to be StyleBar but when I decided to go blue those lovely trips stopped as they don’t do fun colours so I had two choices; either find another salon or just do it myself. I got a quote on R1600 to do my hair… naturally I went with option 2.

I’ve got experience doing my own hair, generally I even trim it myself, so it’s not as if this is too much of a big deal. My hair was originally blonde so I didn’t need to do much the first round, I got the colour I wanted and put it on and voila. I started off using Manic Panic Enchanted Forest (a gorgeous blue green) but at R250 a tub it got a little pricey to upkeep seeing as I needed to redo it every 3 weeks and I use a full tub on my hair cause of it’s length. But a friend came to the rescue and told me about this amazing stuff called kungu (indian holi powder) which you’ll probably know better as the stuff they use at the colour run!

It’s dirt cheap – R50 for a kg and you only use 2-3 tablespoons a session (I use three cause I have long hair) and you mix it in with conditioner (I use about half a bottle – you can use the cheap conditioner btw, no need to use schwartzkopf) so a kg goes A LONG WAY! I will have to find out if you can get it in Cape Town, I had a friend bring me 3kg’s from Durban (explaining 3kg’s of powder at the airport was apparently a bit of a stress inducing experience… Sorry Annemi!)

So right, for all those who want to know how to get mermaid hair here’s a bit of a step by step I put together for those interested. I just topped up the blue this time as I don’t really have time to faff with more than one colour but I’ll do a galaxy hair tutorial when I have a little time (and help) again.


STEP ONE – bribe your person to help you lighten your regrowth. If you have light hair you don’t really have to lighten it it just seems to stick better when you’ve lightened it and of course the lighter your hair is the more the colour stands out. I use the Kair highlighting kit, works like a bomb. My hair is thick and instead of using two boxes I just mix in conditioner to make it spread a little better. If you’re lucky like I am you’ll even get a nice head massage out of it ;) Leave it on for about an hour then wash it out and apply a hair mask.

bleach hair

STEP TWO – mix kungu with conditioner, I use about 3 table spoons and half a bottle of conditioner (like I said – use the cheap stuff, there’s no need to go breaking the bank on the good stuff for this) and mix it well till it’s an awesome blue paste (or whatever colour you end up choosing)


STEP THREE – apply the kungu/conditioner mix to all the hair you want coloured. In my case I did my whole head but if you want to do an ombre then just do the bits etc then you leave it in for as long as you possibly can. I usually leave it in for the whole day (thankfully I work from home so maybe do yours on a day you’re off and don’t plan on going anywhere) and sometimes even sleep with it (it goes hard so it doesn’t really mess but still, use a black pillow).


STEP FOUR – wash out the conditioner (no need to shampoo it – but note that washing that amount of conditioner out your hair makes the shower floor REALLY slippery and there’s a chance of staining your feet blue) and then dry it or leave it to air dry (my preferred method) and tada! You have gorgeous and frigging awesome hair that will make everyone stare in envy :)


AND.. if you have a blonde kid like mine who insists on having blue hair just like mama then just plop some on his head as well, no need to peroxide and no worries to damaging his hair cause it’s all natural :) Just realise it doesn’t wash out in one go so make sure school is okay with it. We’re lucky that he goes to a school that doesn’t mind kids being their own person.


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