Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Apparently Stellenbosch has botanical gardens! I had no idea until yesterday when I had to meet my mama there to get Fysh’s laptop charger. It’s so green! Okay I guess that’s a given considering the name but I mean REALLY green. The grass is so green and perfect it looks fake. And the whole place is kinda like they tried to squash the Kirstenbosch gardens into a city block so cramped with green. It’s fantastic.

There’s a sign that says no picnics allowed (I saw it yesterday) so we didn’t take anything with us, only to arrive and see uni students stretched out on blankets having elaborate picnics…

Next time I’ll pack a kids lunchbox style snack and enjoy it while chilling on one of the benches. So a rebel without, technically, breaking the rules. Just remember to not leave any trace of yourself physically. PICK UP YOUR LITTER.

But the restaurant – Kaatjiespiering – their service is disgusting and basically non existent. We were shown to a dirty table, she took the mugs but didn’t wipe down the sticky mess and tossed the menus on the table. Then we waited 35 minutes for someone to take our order, note that we were walked past twice and ignored, so eventually got up to leave where I was greeted with “a table for two?” When I went to complain. So we left and I got Fysh a milkshake from the food lovers in the mall instead and I’m going to hazard a guess it was probably better anyway.

So don’t go for the restaurant. Unless you’re more patient than I am.

Entrance is free for SU student card holders and kids under two, for the rest of us it’s R10 p/p and they’re open 08:00 to 17:00 every day .