squish it, squeeze it, mush it, smell it

M’s friends are having baby #2 and we were invited to the baby shower on Sunday. We were asked to bring a 20 x 20 crochet or knit square which might sound like a rather random request but turns out all the squares will be stitched together to make a comfort blanket for the new little :)

How sweet is that?!
So I took 3 squares, one from each of us, and managed the socializing by sitting making a 4th while there.

The older kids tend to feel a little neglected when the younger one comes along. people say “oh they’re too young” or “they don’t know what jealousy is” but the thing is L is 2 already, he’s had 2 years of undivided attention and now there’s a new little he is going to have to share that attention with. Maybe they’ll be fantastic but I still decided to fuss over him a little so I cooked up a big batch of play dough the morning :)

I got this recipe when Fysh was probably around 2 as well. I love play dough and so does Fysh but he has this habit of mushing colors together so it goes from rainbows and unicorns to something resembling a cow patty. And then it’s left to go as hard as a rock and yeah, this mama is frugal so she started going DIY.

It’s not as bright as the bought kind and the texture is less plastic-y but it does smell better, particularly if you’re willing to go get a little bottle of essential oil to mix in (my go to is mint).

Thought I’d share our recipe cause it’s quick and cheap to make and if you get a little glass jar you can even use it as a gift for adults… ;)



The mixing is the worst part, it’s tiresome! and if you’re adding food coloring do it in the beginning unless you want multiple colors, and if you want the latter you should get some gloves unless you don’t mind your hands looking a bit like a unicorn vomited on it – once it’s worked in it doesn’t give off color anymore so at least your kidlet won’t end up looking like Poppy from Trolls or something.

And a side tip – if you keep it in the fridge it goes really cold and it just makes squishing it so much nicer!