spontaneity vs planning

I like to think that I can be spontaneous and don’t need a rigid schedule but I’m just lying to myself. While I don’t write it all down and list it hour by hour like some people I do plan out my day and week in my head and if anyone messes with my planning I get agitated and sometimes rather snappy and mean.

I’ve been thinking I need to keep a schedule and then send those around me a link to it so they can schedule themselves in or at least know what’s my day looks like so I’m not interrupted.

This scheduling has been extra hard with my father staying at my place while he gets his visa’s and things together for Spain. It’s all on his schedule and man it really annoys me, it’s not him in particular that annoys me it’s that my plans get messed up. I can’t start working or doing things if I have to take him somewhere because then I have to stop mid work, means I fall behind on things that need to be done. My meal plans are whack, our schooling system is up in arms because things just don’t run on our schedule.

This is one of those week’s. It’s Fysh’s birthday this weekend so the schedule has to be rigid else I’m going to forget something. I have to secretly sew his bedding, make a piñata, get ingredients to bake his cake, take him to the gym to sign up him and collect his membership pack. In between all of this we still have to work on his project for the week, I have 6 illustrations to finish off, stickers to have printed and also packages to post. Oh, and I have to somehow work a trip to the airport and whatever other errands the old fart needs.

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