splish splash

When we moved in here 6 years ago the pool was blue (which I’m pretty sure was done right before we took over cause it wasn’t when we viewed) and I kept it going and clean (the pump is on a timer) until the pump decided to stop working and the landlord said it’s not his problem (which it is as it’s part of house maintenance but whatever) so it was left to slowly turn into a swamp and mosquito breeding ground.

Until last year.

The Person did a course on designing natural swimming pools and asked if he can take our pool on as a project, I figured it couldn’t get any worse than it already is so I said go ahead.

It’s taken a few months and a lot of hard work and dedication on his part but he got it right and this summer we’ve finally been able to make use of the pool again. It’s gorgeous and sort of tea/beer coloured (kinda like a river due to the copper content in the water and not using chemicals). The plants are the filter and keep the water looking great in combination with the pump that he fixed creating circulation.

It might not be a clear blue pool like most people are used to but I think it’s better, and it doesn’t hurt my skin like a chlorine pool does :)

natural swimming pool

If you want to turn yours into a natural pool as well give The Person a shout. He’s brilliant and that’s not my bias opinion, he really is.

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