So suave. So grown up

For a long time now Fysh has had long hair. It’s been an uphill battle against family and people commenting on it but he was hard ass at keeping it that way because that’s why he wanted. 

Week before last he started talking about cutting it and I said okay but delayed it. Then last week he showed me a picture of what he wants and I said okay but he’d have to wait until I got paid. Yesterday we walked into the barber shop at the Sandown Centre with the photo he found and asked if they could do it. 

R80 and just over an hour later he walked out pleased as punch with his new do and with me holding back tears cause my little isn’t little at all anymore. 

I’m sad his hair is gone, I loved those long locks and I loved doing viking braids but I’ve always let him make the decisions about his hair and clothes (the latter not always being a good thing haha) so that he is comfortable with himself. Girls aren’t the only ones who feel self-conscious or end up with body issues and with issues of his own I want him confident. 

And of course now he’s extra insistent on the fact that we need a YouTube channel so urgh, I might have to get in once my face wounds have healed up properly. 

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