So crappy. So great. 

Fuck but 2016 has been a rough year and at one point I even told it to go deep throat a cactus but today changed up my thinking a little. Maybe cause today was a good day.

My morning started designing a quick poster, handing over one of my sewn dolls and chatting with the director of the charity in Australia that I am going to be the ‘in house’ designer for next year. It’s called Support The Girls Australia (I’ll tell you all about it in its own post, needless to say I’m ecstatic). 

When Fysh got home from visiting granny he asked if we could do our hair, so we went purple. The skies opened up and we got a few minutes of rain. And we had a fun photo shoot. 

Actually it was sitting looking at these photos that got me thinking about this year, really thinking about it. 
So yeah, this year has been tough. It’s been rougher than most but there’s been so much good as well and it’s bloody hard to remember that often it’s “just a bad moment not a bad life” as Fysh likes to say. 

We’ve learned to read and had our power cut. Been frustrated, conquered basic math and had fun with science experiments. Baked so many things my ass hates me and friends love me. Watched movies and went hiking. We’ve played in snow, won money for charity, taken a train to simons town while a jazz artist serenades us and been the first in line for donuts. We’ve gone on a road trip, had our car break down more than once, watched a meteor shower and fed baby lambs. Made friends. Lost friends. Drawn pictures, dropped tablets, replaced phones and learned to sew… And that’s not even the half of it. 

It’s definitely been a roller coaster year. But for every shitty thing there were at least two good things and that’s totally got to count for something.