Snow fun at Canal Walk!

So recently Fysh and I went for an evening of absolute FUN at Canal Walk. If you’re a local I’m sure you already know that every December for the past 10+ years they host a ice adventure over December. Bringing some snow fun to our summer holiday season. If you’re new… well now you know :P

We had SO much fun. We took photos with huge tigers, petted mammoths, “chilled out” in a giant fridge that simulates the ice ace (or as I joked, summer in Germany), had ice cream and cupcakes and races down the giant “snow” covered slide!

The highlight of the evening for me was probably going up against a bunch of celebrities in the annual charity challenge. Myself and fellow blogger The Stiletto Mum partnered up to show those “celebrities” that bloggers do it better and the purple haired stiletto clad mama won! Meaning our charity of choice – SADAG got given R10 000 curtesy of Canal Walk!!!

And they’re being even more generous… they’re giving away a set of 4 entrance tickets to the fun for one of you so you can go and have as much fun as we did!

To enter just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and then check your email on Friday to see if you won :)

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PS dress warm or at least take a jersey and maybe some extra pants if you have a small one cause the snow/ice gets wet.

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  1. My best memory is of my son’s first christmas and the way he was more pre-occupied with watching the lights on the tree than bother with opening presents.

  2. Having Jeanne in Scotland for her very first Christmas. It was her very first big Christmas and she could not believe her eyes – we tend to do a huge Christmas celebration when we are all together. It was an amazing experience and I was glad that I could share that with her.

  3. When I think back on my childhood I always remember how on Christmas mornings my (then) single mom and I would get up really early on Christmas mornings to do our hair and take our time getting dressed. While dressing we’d stop to watch the marching band go by from our window.

  4. Lol. I laugh at all my childhood memories of having Father Christmas at my house on midnight every year giving our presents and then later on that night telling my dad all about Father Christmas and his visit, because my dad ALWAYS had to work Christmas eve. :P

  5. For me it’s the first Christmas J and I spent together. We did our own thing for lunch, had triffle and watched Batman Returns :)

    1. How awesome does that sound?! I am really starting to believe that Christmas isn’t about the traditions it’s about who you spend it with

  6. My memory is shocking, but one of my more recent memories, was when my sister and I decided that new pjs should be part of the Christmas pressies, so I bought her a lovely pair from Truworths and were really really pretty. Wrapped them, had them all ready for Christmas eve when we had decided to open them and, they were too big. But not just a little too big, seriously too big. You could fit in another person into those pj legs. It was absolutely hilarious, because clearly the label and the actual jammies were completely different sizes. How embarrassed I felt though… even amidst the laughter. I have a pic of it somewhere. Won’t be seeing them this year but hopefully next year…

    1. Ah man I needed that laugh tonight! Am glad the disaster was at least a funny one. Hopefully this year the tags will be the right sizes!!!

  7. My best Christmas was the last(and only) one we spent visiting my mom and dad while my daughter was alive.

  8. The last times did this, Zoë was still very small and didn’t enjoy it. we’d love to try again but we have NO money. Fingers crossed!

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