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Last year I posted about how you can support small businesses instead of going directly to the big shops last minute over the holidays and I want to remind you why and how to support them before I start showcasing my favourites.

For me it’s a big deal to have something handmade for Fysh every year. When he was little this handmade gift was from Santa. Why? Because I feel it wholly unfair to tell your child that Santa got them that new PS4 or whatever when the mom next door can’t afford that and then their child wonders why they aren’t as special and why Santa couldn’t get them one as well.

Are you getting what I’m saying? Am I making sense?

Take ownership of the lego you bought, the stuff in the boxes that they can see comes from the shop. Santa has elves remember. Elves don’t go shopping on takealot, they make wooden toys, custom pretty mugs and special dolls etc.

I know that small business is generally more expensive but if you consider the hours, the tears, the weekends and the money spent on learning how that go into making something that’s one of a kind compared to the mass produced tech made by machines doesn’t that make up for it? And if you buy something during the year then you can save and don’t have to “cough up” when it comes to December.

Plus don’t you think that receiving something picked out and made for you would be better than a random hand cream set picked up from Clicks or something? It’s special and full of love :)

Let me know what your favourite small business is (or if you own one) so I can go check them/you out.






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I’ve been vetted and accepted to run a campaign with Back a Buddy so if you are at all inclined to support me in getting my degree I would be forever grateful. Even R10 makes a difference. And if you can’t help financially even sharing the campaign will help as someone who might be able to help could see it. I sincerely appreciate it!

Campaign link : Help Charlie get her Ba in Forensics

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