Small Business Saturday – The beginning

This time of year is hard AF for small business owners because while people are happy to spout the “support local/small businesses” that tends to be nothing more than say say when the festive season rolls around and they head directly for the big companies and online retailers instead.

I kinda get it, small business means small stock and often handmade which in turn means that a blanket/soft toy/drawing by an individual person is going to be more than what you would pay for it at the mall. Logical then I guess that the malls get flooded. But perhaps it’s time we support our friends and small businesses the same way we support celebrities we don’t even know…

Personally I would rather get one gift that’s special, or even not get one so that Fysh can, than get a few random things that came off a shelf. Does that make me weird? My favorite thing is gifting, it’s my love language and while I will occasionally add items I pick up from the mall I much prefer either making my own (times like this I’m grateful for my talents) or I save a little here and there and buy things from friends that I can add to my packages.

“I can’t afford to buy expensive home made things for everyone at Christmas”

Something my mom used to do when we were little that has always stuck with me is “the birthday box” she used to keep in a cupboard. If she saw something that she knew would make a great gift she’d get it and pop it in the box. The box was always full of hand made items and other random things so that when a birthday came around we wouldn’t have to run around looking for something or spending money we didn’t have at that exact moment.

There are 12 months in a year, when you buy one or two small things a month you’ll have 12 to 24 (or more) gifts by the time the 24th rolls around… guess what that means? It means you get to support those small businesses, give personal gifts AND here is the bonus… you don’t have to go broke or pull out that credit card just to keep up. Fucking fantastic right?!?!

For the foreseeable future I’ll be purchasing or bartering from my favorite small businesses and listing them here every Saturday and then listing them on a separate page so that while it’s probably a little late now you’ll be able to use my advice and next year you’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa :D

And remember, even if you can’t support a friend financially right now then at least introduce someone to their business who might or share their post/page.

Go forth and spread your awesome.

If you have a small business or know of one you love please introduce me to their talents.