Roadtrips, waterfalls, near death and turning 30 in a forest

When it came to actually celebrating my birthday this year I didn’t really wanted to do anything, things are hectic at the moment with M applying for UNISA and me prepping for exams and so on, I said I would be completely happy with a piece of cake in the river (there is this really cute spot we go to sometimes in Somerset and I like to just plonk down in the river clothes and all).

There was cake and there was a river.
But not the way I had pictured it.

The Person being the human as he is planned a secret weekend and took me on a road trip where I even had to close my eyes in certain places so it wouldn’t give away our destination. I know you’re jealous already :P

We needed to make a stop at the mall quickly to sort something about before we left so while M was getting that done I popped into Wordsworth cause I’d forgotten to bring a book with. I walked in with R50 as it’s all I had on me, right there as I walked in was a discount table and I found the book I’ve been wanting to read marked down to R49. How’s that for birthday karma?! Then we stopped at HouwHoek, because is it even a road trip if you don’t stop for one of their famous pies? (We stopped there on the way back again haha).

Unfortunately the destination (Greyton) was given away by a farmer accidentally – we saw a sheep up against a fence so we turned back to help it, we got it off the fence but it was so dehydrated it could barely stand on it’s own feet and kept falling over. Drove to the nearest farm to let them know but turns out it belonged to a farm on the opposite side of the road (farm land allocations are complicated) so we turned back and went to let them know about the sheep and that they need to go help it as we couldn’t get over the fence to it – happy to report that coming back the sheep wasn’t there so I’m going to take it as a sign that it was helped and don’t you dare say other-wise.

As it turns out, our destination wasn’t Greyton as such, it was the mountains/forest just outside it, namely The Blue Hippo farm. We’d meant to come stay here the last time we were in Greyton but they had been full. This time they were again – the tipi village part was booked out for a party – but they have a new little camp spot further into the mountains they’ve dubbed the Sky of Abundance, unlike the tipi village there is no electricity and definitely no signal but in my opinion it’s just so much more perfect. We slept in a massive bell tent and the river was maybe 5m from the opening, I do so love making camp next to a river. The air was so clean that it actually smelt like cilantro! No there wasn’t any around.

The communal kitchen is a sort of random built room put together with odds and ends of wood and empty window panes, roof sheeting and solar panels and the bathrooms are all open air with compost toilets and a donkey you had to make a fire under if you wanted hot water. I loved all of it and on Sunday we stoked the donkey and filled the tub to enjoy the hot water under the full moon, the air was freezing but it just made it so much nicer.

There’s a small section of the farm that’s set aside for protea’s. so many of them!

A termite hill was knocked by a horse (we followed along one of the horse trails our first hike/walk) and M agitated them a bit with a stick in one of the tunnels so we could watch them as they went about their business. Was really fascinating!

That damn rope, yes it’s actually a rope not a snake, nearly gave me heart failure! As you can well imagine. Probably because I was on high alert/jittery at that point anyway as M had thrown a tree at me (I’m so going to make that a whole post on it’s own just cause it’s so hilarious).

Cause the lumberjack look is so hot right now ;)

We attempted the hike up to the Goddess Pools but have decided that they are so called because you only get there and back if you are deemed worthy by the Goddess – a lot of the path you had to dig your hands in and hold on to the grass on the cliff face cause the path had washed away and the rock face has grown moss on it due to the rains… the river is so clean though that you can drink out of it, and we did, all the time.

And I nearly walked into this MF! It’s apparently called a yellow orb spider and is poisonous enough to kill a small child (they might have just said that to scare me but it worked and I am so not googling those things I’ll just stay away from them instead).

We are planning on going back after my exams to work/stay there for two weeks to just detox before second semester. I can’t wait to show Fysh. I’m glad it was just The Person and I there this weekend, as a mom you tend to make everything about your kid even when you don’t mean to and instead I could just be but I know he will love it. And they’re pet friendly so our stick obsessed woof will come with and probably go into shock after seeing all the sticks :P