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silwerstroom strand

I am not really a beach person. I am more a river in a forest sort of person mainly because the forest is pretty and green and has shade which means I can hide from the sun that my body is allergic to. I do love the beach but the sand gets everywhere and the sun… yeah. No. I have to be all covered up else I come home with an itchy rash after just 15 minutes in the sun and exhaustion as if I’ve been partying for 24 hours.

Regardless, we were on the farm this weekend and it was too hot to walk around and we felt like we needed to get out so we went into Atlantis and got some snacks then missioned to Silwerstroom Strand for a bit of wave splashing and shell collecting.

Despite my issues with the sun… I spawned a beach bum!

The water was FARKING cold. Which is hilarious seeing as I grew up in Namibia and we were in that water with no cares often. Though I did have a full suit for swimming back then.

I love collecting shells. Mostly because we grew up hunting for desert roses and agates not so much shells. I do miss the agates but I love finding pumpkins. Though I realised this weekend how much more rare they’ve become. But I found 4 whole ones!

A fun day with my boys.

If you’re around the west coast definitely add Silwerstroom for a visit. Day entrance is free and you don’t need any bookings. No alcohol or animals allowed though but they have a long stretch of open beach for those who prefer that or rocky parts for people like me. There’s also a tidal pool :)

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