sick unicorns = zombie moms


Fysh caught a cold or something last week (can I blame socializing at the gym? I guess it’s a good thing though) and has had a miff wet cough and he has been waking me up in the evenings with it. I know it’s not his fault but holy crap I am exhausted!

My whole carefully cultivated work schedule is in sy moer because I simply can’t get up and at em at 6am when I’ve had hardly any sleep in the evening. Which is terrible because I worked so hard to get into that routine. Now instead I’m dragging myself out in the mornings and working with only one eye open, barely.


Grateful he doesn’t get sick often maybe once or twice a year. But I’m getting too old for this no sleep thing haha. I used to be able to spend days awake and at it but now? if I don’t get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep I will be grumpy AF and should preferably be handed coffee and left alone.

Hopefully the recovery from Zombie to Boss Goddess won’t be a difficult one and I don’t get sick, just a really decent sleep is probably all that’s needed. I have an empire to build, can’t do that if I can barely concentrate on a doodle let alone a completed illustration!

On an upside the unicorn has altered his August and Tiny Hoof art direction because if mommy can draw more than just Charlie and Beastie then why can’t he draw more then just August and Tiny Hoof, so we need a company name for him, he’s already got his first “print set” that will roll out soon :)

Suggest away please! If we pick your name I’ll send you a set of his cards :D

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