shit storms, car jamming and just being despondent


You may or may not have noticed I’ve been absent the last few weeks. If you didn’t, well you suck. I’ve had some good reasons for being away but the biggest its that every time I sit down to blog I lose interest or want to bitch so I decide not to. I had some really awesome posts planned with epic photos showing how I 4x4ed up Matroosberg, did a course and went on a safari where I saw an 8 hour old baby rhino all thanks to Ford but before I could get the photos off I handed the camera to my dad to take with him on his trip to Mozambique not thinking to take the memory card out of course until I was about to write the post. Idiot move because on his return to SA he stayed over at a friend with a very fancy car with windows so tinted you can’t see in. The problem with these fancy cars though is they are extremely susceptible to a little trick the buggers have come up with – car jamming. So even though they couldn’t see what was inside they did their thing and cleaned it out once they’d gone into the shop… Cellphone, tablet, kindle, laptop, passport, yellow fever docs, ID etc… All gone as it was neatly in a bag (they were on their way to the airport).

Man you have to love how “creative” South Africans can be. At least they’re not smashing the windows I guess cause those cost a fortune to replace, trust me, I’ve just replaced one.

Other than that I’ve read some fantastic books, had a meltdown, changed medications, lost weight, started boxing again, taken up the NaNo challenge for the second year and getting back into the swing of work. Hence the update and little wave of hello just so you know I haven’t died and left my blog to deteriorate without my love and affection.

To say sorry for my absence I have a few giveaways planned that will happen over the next few weeks. Some signed books and sunglasses and other fun goodies.

Have an awesome Thursday interwebs!

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  2. Cassey says:

    So the internet troubles are sorted now? I’m doing a blog post for every day of November, a novel is beyond me.

  3. stephanie says:

    Sometimes we do need a break, but glad ur back

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