Secret trips and airport selfies

We’ve been plotting something for a while now and I haven’t been allowed to blog about it cause the person involved reads my blog but I can finally let the cat out the bag!!!

Nadré and I met and became instant friends 19 years ago in Walvis Bay when we were cute little blonde kidlets in pigtails with a penchant for causing chaos and starting fires. We lost touch for a while when I moved away but thanks to Facebook we connected again and picked up right where we left off this time bonding over kids and slutty books. 

And today, on her birthday, I got to fetch her from international arrivals!!! I haven’t seen her since we spent Easter together in Lüderitz in 2002 ! 

So today is a whole lot of sunshine during a stormy time…

And of course out first selfie had to be taken in the erotic section of a book store. Because DUH!!!  

Now it’s Reese’s pieces, ice lollies and Channing Tatum lip sync battles ?

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