After almost 2 years at our little train station home in Lynedoch we have moved! This is definitely still weird for Fysh. Growing up I moved every 2 years, if not towns then houses at least. Fysh was in the same house for 8 years (that was super weird for me!) so this is only the second move that he can remember.

this is a bit of an old aerial shot, there a fence around the pool now, my caravan isn’t up yet and that green house has been dismantled due to the wind damage. The trees are also WAAAAAY bigger now. If you have a drone for a new photo or know someone with one please let us know?

It has definitely been for the best though, we’re all happier, yes even me! Savoia is a small holding/farm in Paradyskloof (so we’re still near stellies just the other side now) made up of a few different individuals. Most people only stay here for about 6 months at a time – there are a few more permanent individuals – as they’re foreign students here for whatever reason so it’s great exposure for Fysh! There are so many communal spaces and people are always having a break together or sharing lunch etc and on weekends in summer they put up a big white sheet outside and project a movie for everyone who wants to join. AND there’s a pizza oven!!!

To help with my coping I actually have a caravan as my room that’s just outside the “fenced in garden” section where the main house and room is so when I head there I’m far enough away from everyone that I can isolate myself socially and recharge. It’s also quiet enough for me to study and work AND in my opinion it has the best view!

Savoia is a fully functioning farm, there’s vegetables and sheep and rabbits and chickens and roosters (who just so btw do NOT only crow when the sun rises, that’s a bullshit cartoon myth). Apparently there are a few tortoises out in the field somewhere as well (they were the farm mascots till some bleeding heart hippy let them out the enclosed garden).

Soon I’ll be taking over the management of the vegetable farming. As in there’s 2 tons of sweet potatoes I need to move out here soon as they’re harvested. The small batch farming is easy cause lettuce, eggplants etc but there are fields with the big harvest still.

Fysh is a bunny farmer now as well! He’s super excited but I’ll do a whole separate post on that as it’s pretty interesting.

The animals have settled in as if they have always belonged. We have Basil in the main house where Fysh sleeps so she has the whole front of the farm, main house and then the enclosed garden – the enclosed space is actually massive it’s just enclosed to keep the 2 farm dogs inside and the kids as well, it even has a small swimming pool (which is an enclosed space inside the enclosed space) for when it’s super hot – then Stan has made my caravan and the “backyard” all of his. He’s particularly fond of the vegetable garden space outside my caravan and has taken great delight in chasing away the Hadida that try and eat the veg.

Keeping the veggies safe!

It’s taking a bit of getting used to, the whole living with people thing, especially as it’s no longer people living with us like in Table View it’s now us living with other people. Communal kitchen etc. Thankfully M’s room has an en suit shower and loo so I don’t have to share the main bathroom but Fysh does and because he’s in the main house it means we can use the main kitchen which is great cause I don’t much like the outdoor kitchen anyway.

I’m also super grateful that we were allowed to move in here beginning of March already and not charged for the month as it meant we were able to be here in time for lockdown. Way better being stuck on a farm isolated with people than stuck in a flat or something by yourself.

The photos are all taken with my phone to show friends when we moved in, at some point I’ll take some really nice ones with my camera.

Funny fact – since about 3 or 4 Fysh has been adamant we will live on a farm that has sheep…

Until next time…


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