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So the blog kinda took a bit of a back step this year, I hoped the massive overhaul and revamp and all that in general would bring it back to life but I think I’ve resigned myself to this just being us again. I can’t keep up with all those insta moms and influencers and their pretty shiny feeds and stuff. I’m too raw and crass and honest, it clearly costs me but eh. Whatever. My memory is poo so it’s nice to look back on posts and remember the good (and even shitty) things.

BUT… another big reason for the quietness and lack of posts is because after 17 years my mom decided that she simply can’t with her business anymore, she just wasn’t feeling it now that my brother is in Matric and no longer a “child”. She let it dwindle a bit and thought about letting it go but I refused. It’s basically part of our family hahaha, I’ve helped her on and off in the background for years now.

AND NOW IT’S MINE (you can sing that in the Hocus Pocus way cause I totes did)

What the heck am I talking about? Let me tells you:

I am now the proud (and exhausted) owner of

Mom started it 17 years ago when they first moved to Cape Town, my brother was a year old and she knew no one and didn’t know what to do with him or where to find anything. Back then we didn’t have instagram or twitter to search for things like we do now. So she decided to create a place where companies could advertise themselves and what they do al in one spot.

Now the thing is that the website is, as I said, 17 years old. This means it’s OLD and outdated and set up for her generation of parents. It’s cluttered and while it’s easy to navigate it’s just… well it needs a bit of an update to bring it into this decade of millennial parents.

This means that I’ve been rebuilding the site, cause let’s face it, I can not afford what it would cost to rebuild – I have to insert each and every current listing one by one, this includes copy, contact forms, photographs and other details for each listing. It’s been exhausting and of course extremely time consuming.

Advertise with me!!!

I love a good barter exchange and I know not everyone can always afford a big expense like advertising but because we’re so established we’re, well established hahaha and our SEO is great, we also have a newsletter with just over 12 thousand subscribers and it keeps grown.

So I’m opening it up to anyone who might read this, if you have a company that caters to anything a parent might need (we also have a “just for mom” section) then let me know, let’s chat! Note that not everything is able to be bartered and if you don’t really fit with the company I will be honest with you.

Until next time then…

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