#wherethefuckiscupcake – Part one – Let’s go damnit

A while back The Person decided that we need a holiday and that my birthday would be a great excuse to have one so he planned out a road trip with secret destinations while I arranged for mama to babysit the Fysh as my birthday gift.

I hate driving, maybe it’s a roll over from when we used to have to drive from Lüderitz to Paternoster every holiday or something but I can’t say I’m a huge fan, though I do love road trips. So long as they’re the kind that involve a lot of stops along the way because my back doesn’t handle sitting for extended periods (old riding injury). Thankfully (kinda) The Person also has an injury that prevents him from driving for an extended period so our road trip turned out to be the perfect kind – lots of stops and destinations.

My only clues for the trip were : we’re going to a desert, you need a bikini (snorts coke out nose) it won’t be cold and then we’re in a forest. I put this clue up on FB and some of the suggestions where hilarious and brilliant ideas for future trips but none hit home.

I have been bouncing up and down to get going for a good two weeks now so when I got to The Persons place and he’d just woken up I was antsy cause I’d had it in my head that I’d drop Fysh off at mama, get to him and head straight out. Then of course when we were finally ready to go there was a work crises with one of his clients’s emails not working which had to be sorted out. Thankfully I had my imac with so for the first time in a month I was finally around wifi and could download all my audio books for the trip. Despite being a “little” delayed we obviously eventually got on the road. Driving via the Franschhoek pass and filled our water bottles with fresh mountain water.


We stopped in Robertson where I found that if you have bigger boobs and struggle to find comfortable AND AFFORDABLE bras (cause let’s face it, most bras are designed for small boobs the cups are just made bigger and those that are for big boobs are a ridiculous price) just pop into a PEP store! I found the most comfortable damn bra there for R75!

Eventually we found ourselves travelling along route 62. Firstly, you guys in the Karoo really can’t call yourselves an actual desert, you have FAR too much foliage, go to Namibia and you’ll see desert. And secondly I’d advise that if you’re planning a road trip you have to add route 62 in, the scenery is beautiful but boring but the little towns you find along it are adorable and the people are generally so damn friendly! Plus in Calitzdorp you’ll find THE BEST HOME MADE PIES EVER at this random little Portuguese restaurant.

For those glued to their phones – signal is pretty much non existent unless you’re driving through a town.

(because the trip turned out too long to be posted as a single post.)