#wherethefuckiscupcake – Part three – Out of place

We packed up our goods and headed out at check out instead of staying an extra day like we’d originally had planned because of course the forest was calling.

Being on route 62 we decided we HAD to go to Ronnies Sex Shop seeing as it was only 2km away. Ronnies is one of those places that has been glamourised and made a necessity on a route 62 stop. HOWEVER… the great place people talk about isn’t what we found there. Instead we were greeted with 5 or 6 “bank rolled” cars ranging from the brand new Mustang to the Lamborghini and along with them came the people with the attitudes to match. The Person and I in our old Merc and comfortable road trip clothes were made to feel SO unwelcome in what is ultimately a roadside biker bar. So we snapped a photo or two (which was rudely interrupted by a biker parking RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME even though he could see The Person was taking a photo) and left to find somewhere more accommodating and more deserving of our time and money. A few km on we did end up finding a great little stop on a bees plaas with the most friendly damn Afrikaans Tannie and her cowboy who served great food and the best salad ever.
(It was hilarious it was overhearing old koeksister tannies and an oomie – all 80+ in age, walkers the lot – gossiping about how someone in their church is a racist)
There are two ways to get to the next destination from the klein karoo and we opted for the longer one because it passed through the outeniqua pass, another one of those you need to add to your list, and when you do it make sure that yet again you allot time for stopping because you’re going to want to stop and have a break along the pass just so you can stare out at the rolling green mountains and forest and wonder what your part in this world really is.

outeniqua pass

(because the trip turned out too long to be posted as a single post.)

2 thoughts on “#wherethefuckiscupcake – Part three – Out of place”

  1. catjuggles says:

    I am loving your tour – sorry about the unexpected longer stay

    1. cupcake says:

      Hahaha, I am SO over it but it has been great. There’s just so much happening at home though that needs to be sorted that I can’t do from here so that’s a little stressing.

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