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Reviewing Hasbro toys!

Check it out… Fysh reviewed some of our top picks from Hasbro for xmas this year. Yes, I really was tempted to wrap them all and hide them away from him but then we wouldn’t be able to review them and I’d also be setting myself up for trying to out do this year all the time ;)

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With the holiday season upon us you’re bound to hear “I’m bored” rather often. In my case I just hear “I’m hungry” because if he uses the word bored he has to go do a chore ;)

Hasbro has some pretty awesome games to keep the kids busy though, from strategic thinking to solving a mystery. They really do have games that are fun for the whole family and I’ve found that game nights are Fysh’s favorite and he’s always itching for one. He is a monopoly fanatic of course but mom is more of a Jenga person.

I also like that they have those grab and go options. I want to go get us the Guess Who one cause I remember having hours of fun with that when we lived in WalvisBaai.


They have a top picks for 2017 list and I thought I’d share to give you a few ideas in case you’re standing in the games isle and are feeling a little overwhelmed. This way you’ll have a better idea of what to get ;)

  • Toilet Trouble > Fysh and his friends love this, it must be a boy thing cause I don’t find getting sprayed with toilet water – fresh or not – appealing or hilarious
  • Fantastic Gymnastics > you need some patience for this as there’s a technique to it – I haven’t mastered it yet so I can’t give you tips sorry.
  • Speak Out > apparently with this one you have to try say words but with a mouth piece in that doesn’t let you close your mouth. Oh man I can just picture all the spit.
  • Pie Face > I’m sure you’ve seen the videos making the rounds on Facebook. It’s a lot like Toilet Trouble except that you get slapped in the face with cream instead.
  • Monopoly > we all know this game, we’ve all spent hours trying to lose. No? just me then? HAHAHA. Well the Mzanzi version is pretty awesome. I’ve owned Table Mountain a few times ;)
  • Twister > Oddly enough I’ve never actually played this. Not that I can with my back though but it does look very entertaining.
  • Jenga > This one is a must cause when the kids go to bed the adults can add a fun twist on the game… perfect for New Years before the never drinking again promises happen :P
  • Operation > I have always wanted this one! Do you think I can convince Fysh he wants it and get it for him as an xmas gift so that I can play with it?
  • Mouse Trap > Man I forgot all about this game, we loved it! Remember the giant version they used to have on TV? I always wanted to go do it. Never happened though obviously.

So… what are you adding to the list?
Do you have games nights or is it just us?


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