Rainbow waffles and glitter poop

Fysh wanted pancakes yesterday but we were house sitting and I couldn’t find all the things we needed so I promised that we could have some today. But standing in the kitchen exhausted I really couldn’t be arsed to stand there making damn pancakes the whole time so instead I cheated and went with what I thought would be the quicker option – waffles.

But of course you can’t just give a kid who asked for pancakes waffles, because obviously they aren’t the same thing. So I pulled out some gel colors and divided the batter into rainbow colors. Because I thought you can’t stay mad at a mom that makes you rainbow unicorn waffles with ice cream and sprinkles right?

Well, this is what I had planned….

They did not end up as pretty Pinterest rainbow waffles though but they were still cute. Sort of a more galaxy vibe than rainbow though and of course I haven’t used our waffle maker in years so my timing on it is off meaning the tops browned a bit so I didn’t take any photos.

But they were a hit, and the edible glitter I added made him laugh and ask if he pooped now would his poop look like unicorn poop with bright colors and glitter…
This is the joy of raising a boy hahahaha.

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