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public holidays saffa style

The Person had to head home yesterday already, the joys of working for yourself are that some times you simply don’t get to take the day off when everyone else does. I know this all too well – she says currently finishing up this post so she can get back to finishing a mermaid tail order.

Didn’t feel like being alone at home though so messaged the step parent and arranged that he make a potjie (kinda like a stew made in a cast iron pot over a proper wood fire – for those of you who aren’t locals) because I’ve been craving one hard. I guess I love the vibe of them, everyone sitting outside drinking a drink and letting the fire do it’s thing while the food bubbles in the cauldron and delicious scents waft out when the lid is lifted for a stirring.  So that’s what we did today. We put a groenboontjie potjie on fire and sat catching up with mama who’s just come back from a week long hike in the Tsitsikamma forest (I am green with envy). 

So even though I explained yesterday why we didn’t do a hunt for easter it seems granny had other ideas… The bunny visited her house and left the monkey a bit of a stash. Got to love granny’s right? She says he’s still her baby so I must let her have fun. Okay then. And I’ll admit, the Fysh was pretty pleased that the bunny had decided that because he’s not officially 7 yet he’s still young enough to hunt for eggs. The smile made me forgive mama for going against what we’d agreed on. 

Unfortunately we also found out some really bad news about my great uncle, he’s got short to go, he’s literally decomposing and he’s struggling to hang on there (Dr’s can’t help anymore, they sent him home to die. FUCK CANCER!). So the mood was a bit somber near the end while we wait on more information, he’s in uitenhage so just upping and heading there is a little difficult but it’s hit mum hard and I wish I could buy her a ticket there. Think mum is mostly worried about my great aunt though, Oom Kuis and Tannie Anna are like siamese twins, they’re your ultimate soulmate pair and in all honesty I’m not sure how long she’ll last once he’s gone. So thoughts there would be really appreciated. 

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