Pretty peonies 

I used to cut and I have many scars (most now covered with ink) marking many difficult times.

I’ve had several tattooos done over the years here and there and then I met Clint. I had him help cover the scars with ink that’s meaningful to me and he decided to take me on as a project of sorts, or so I joke. They need things done around the shop occasionally like filling, social media management etc and I need ink so we barter exchange and now when I’m going through a really shitty time and feel like I want to go back to old ways Clint adds to my sleeve because “not a fuck are you damaging my work”.

Skintrade tattoo studio

Today we added a purple and a pink peony to my collection of flowers.

Skintrade tattoo studio

Each piece I add has a reason, mainly it symbolises something I’m going through or have been through or a family member.

Skintrade tattoo studio

So far my sleeve is made up of : the peonies, poppies, daisies, roses, a skeleton key that looks like a razor blade, 2 butterflies, a feather, a watercolor raven, a quote in a frame that says “know your worth”, the deathly hallows symbol, a sarcasm punctuation mark and a heart on my hand. One day I’ll have the sleeve so there’s no skin space left. Cept inner arm where I have a HUGE scar from a riding accident.  
I went with the intentions of having Charlie done but I couldn’t decide where to place her so we went with the peonies I’ve been wanting anyway :) They’re so pretty so am okay with delaying getting Charlie till I’m 100% of where she’s going (I don’t have many space options left for her haha). When it’s settled and faded a bit more it’ll match the others.

Skintrade tattoo studio

Sometimes I wish I’d planned it’ll a little better (specially seeing as I don’t know where to add Charlie in for her own space) then again I like that I can mark off times in my life by ink. And they’re good reminders that I’m a survivor because each marks an issue I’ve lived through.

2 thoughts on “Pretty peonies ”

  1. Dont Else says:

    I agree…not a fuck will you mess up his ink. Thanks Clint. P.s Charlie will happen at the right time xxx

  2. Cassey says:

    They’re awesome.

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