Police VS actual protectors

Recently we dealt with issues were the housemate I had in the spare room had been giving us issues for a while. It was like living with a teenager. Loud music, constantly drunk, in and out the house at odd hours and when confronted he got aggressive and thus was told to find alternative accommodation. Obviously this sent him over the edge and Fysh and I ended up barricading the room door with him banging on the otherside. I’m stronger than him and I could most definitely take him out but obviously I have the minion to stress about because what will happen to him if I’m in jail for killing my drunk housemate. I’ve been in two abusive relationships and not a fuck was I letting this asshat get to that point especially when I wasn’t getting anything out of it. Sorry, I make light to make it easier.

So the next morning when I guessed he’d drank himself to sleep or whatever I went and phoned the police (I don’t have airtime and the phone is on the otherside of the house) and explained the situation and asked them to please help. The WOMAN cop rattled off a number (that turned out didn’t work) and hung up on me. SHE FUCKING HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME!!! I told her our situation and she said there’s nothing they can do and she hung up. I’m still not over this. 

I managed to get hold of my uncle who lives in Somerset West and he drove to the police station there demanding to know if hanging up on a woman asking for help is protocol. Within 15 minutes I had two police at my gate and they came to explain that they suggest he pack his shit and get going. Turns out they really are useless though. They can only really try help if I go to court and get a protection order which can take weeks. And then we sit and wonder why there are women in hospital or shelters and “why doesn’t she do something about it”… 

A friend who lives down the road found out (I did think to call him but I’d heard he’d already left for work – he works on ships – so didn’t call) and when the asshat had showed up at 9pm again claiming “I’m staying here tonight” K walked on over and made sure asshat left and handed over his key. The thing is that we didn’t know how shit was going to go down and clearly the police weren’t going to help so K called in reinforcements of the biker kind and they were all on standby ready to come help. 

The following morning he showed up again as he’d purposefully left his stuff here. Sob stories about where must he go etc. K ambled over for more coffee and to make sure that he had all his stuff on the otherside of the padlocked gate within an hour. He had to go do some things though so left me with name and number of the guys who were all ready to come help at the drop of a hat. I need to bake them cupcakes still.

Here’s images of how the room was left. And what I have to try clean now. To give you an idea of his character. Had I known this (I don’t go in someone’s room, it’s their private space) he’d have been out ages ago… (not shown is how he’d completely burnt the table I’d loaned him. And that bedding that hasn’t been washed since last year and is full of ciggy burns was on loan as well) I think I now know why his gf left him and he needed to find a new place… He even took the lightbulb with him :/

Nightmare housemate

It’s been two days since he left. Yesterday I slept most of the day. Conflict is so draining and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Even Fysh napped with me and was proper asleep before 7.
The police completely failed us and Fysh’s illusion that they are magical protectors is shattered. But where they failed a group of bikers stepped up and made us feel safe and we’ll always be indebted to them for that. 

Also always great knowing the men in my family have my back. My dad who did what he could from Mozambique. My uncle who helped where he could and who took off work to drive all the way to us to make sure we’re okay and even my stepdad who despite being weird and hard to get along with, even he came to see if we were okay and brought us a big lock  for the gate. And my cousin for offering to help me hide a body haha. 

Who needs police when you have been like these. Am so grateful Fysh has these guys to learn from. 

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