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We have never really done the pocket money thing. Usually Fysh will get a gift or an outing as a reward which has worked well. He’s very money aware in the sense that he knows that money doesn’t go far and that you have to work hard for it. He will often say no thank you to offers of things because he doesn’t want to waste the money. This isn’t to say he doesn’t ask for things now and then but he’s always understood when I say I simply can’t right now.

Recently though he sat down and asked me what he can do for pocket money, so we made a list and I said that I will give him R20 a week if he does all the chores daily/weekly depending on the chore. He tried to make it R1 a day only but I eventually convinced him I am okay giving him the R20. My unicorn child. 

He was given R300 by my Oupa when they were at my mom for a Braai on Saturday and the first thing he did was ask granny if she would please stop at the pet shop when she came to drop him off on Sunday so that he could get Sir Hamilton a ball to run around in. My mom said the look on his face when he used his own money to pay for it was priceless and when he came home and put hammy in the ball he was pleased as a pig in mud.

Now here’s the “problem”… he keeps trying to give me his money. “For you mom”, “because you’re awesome mom and you need it more”. And typing this out now I’m wondering maybe if he’s trying to give me his money so that I don’t have to work so much and can spend more time with him doing fun things. I don’t know. It makes me feel shit to think about :(

I keep trying to get him to save it all so that he can buy something he really wants but he keeps asking me what I really want but can’t buy so that he can buy it. Perhaps I should go to try get his birth certificate again (we tried 3 years ago and are still waiting for it to arrive…) so that I can open up a bank account for him. That way he won’t have the cash burning his pocket and it’ll be harder for him to keep trying to give it to me.

I don’t know how this pocket money thing works!
What’s the going rate these days anyway?

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  1. My kids are also raised very aware of money. They know we can’t always afford the nice things and we have to work for what we have.

    My kids get R20 a week and they have daily chores that need to be done. At the end of the month they get an extra R20 which totals R100 a month.

  2. Mitchell doesn’t get pocket money at the moment though he is pretty good at keeping any spare change he finds lying around(he does ask first) and that and his tooth money all go into 2 money boxes he has. You have an amazing child, you are definitely doing something right. On your darkest days when you feel sad or depressed about not being able to give him everything he wants then remember that in doing so you have created an awesome human being who puts others before himself.

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