Pan Macmillan showcase 2020

On Friday I got to dress up in my tutu and head through to PanMacillians 2020 showcase to find out what we can look forward to being published this year.

It was pretty cute, they theme their showcases and this time it was Zombies, I love that so many of the attendees dressed up for it! If my sister was here I’d definitely have hired her skills to turn me into a zombie, but I don’t have her talent with make up and things so I just went dressed in my tutu as a “taking on the apocolypse in style” vibe hahaha.

While there are A LOT of great books coming I thought I’d highlight the ones I’m most looking forward to:

I’ve linked the ones that I can to goodreads so you can conveniently go add them to your to read list, some I couldn’t find on goodreads yet so just write them in your diary. I’m seriously amped for Hollowpox!

But like I said, these are my highlights, there are some crazy good ones but I’d be here all day trying to upload them if I listed them all and dude, that will cut into the bit of reading time I have set aside and am sorry bu I love my books more than I do you hahaha :P

Until next time…