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Our weekend in photos – Three Fountains Estate

A friendling of mine and her family headed away for the weekend and needed a house sitter and of course I jumped at the opportunity because not only did it mean a weekend away it also meant a weekend away on a farm estate and who wouldn’t want that after the shitty week we’d had. Picture fresh air, fields, horses… Actually don’t picture it. Let me show you :)  (won’t spam you with too many cause I know photos take up data loading)

I forgot to charge the battery before heading there Friday afternoon so there aren’t any camera photos till we got up on Saturday but Friday we mostly just chilled anyway and revelled in being not at home and rather somewhere safe and far away from anything.


Who wouldn’t love to wake up to coffee and this view every morning?! (Also, how badass is this mug? I laughed every single time I drank out of it. I want one! Hahaha)


Dew drops make everything pretty. Even spider webs, actually especially spiderwebs. Unfortunately I broke it before I noticed it so here’s just a small piece. My bad. Sorry spidey!


Field in front of the house. Had to dodge many little sand holes that could have been snake holes but was worth it.


Dandelions are the best. They’re weird unasummin weeds with not all that pretty a yellow flower but then they die and turn to beautiful wish carriers. How stunning right?


I love this frosted dandelion shot. I know that’s bias seeing as I took it but still. I feel like I need to have this one printed.


These remind me of those flowers I’ve seen American friends post. Snowdrops I think they’re called. They aren’t obviously but that’s what it reminds me of.


This kid, just look at him. He was SO made for farm life. We spent the weekend wifi free. There was a TV with hard drive to watch a few episodes in the evening but the daylight hours were mostly spent exploring.


We went in search of horses and took a wrong turn. Ended up meeting the owner of the plot we were house sitting and Fysh made friends with this gorgeous rottweiler that was almost as big as him!


The owner has this amazing array of roses that she recently got from a friend. Pots and pots of them and most of them were full of ladybugs. Wish makers were all over for us this weekend…


See what I mean? Fields and fields of wishes all over.


Many many a wish for our own farm was made!


We eventually found some horses that didn’t need us entering anyone’s property :)


And we spent a good hour petting them, talking to them and feeding them a whole bag of carrots. He was a little upset that he didn’t get any riding in but I googled the places on the estate and first off you had to book in advance you couldn’t just show up and also there were no prices BUT there were room prices and at R800 a night for a room at those places I was convinced I wasn’t going to like the quote on riding so yeah unfortunately he had to just make do with petting them. We’ll have to try make friends with someone who has a horse until I can get my shit together and adult properly and send him for riding lessons or get our own.


How can you not want to be around these beautiful beasts daily.


Can’t wait to follow this road back next weekend for a playdate.

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