ooh, look! a LUSH review!

I don’t post “beauty posts” often but I needed to tell you about this so bare with me.

I’ve been hearing about shampoo bars for ages now and I keep meaning to get myself one from Lush but it’s such a mission to get there and I don’t like to buy stuff unless I know what it smells like which means buying online isn’t really an option. So when I somehow ended up at Canal Walk and we happened across the Lush store there and I braved the sense overload and decided that it’s about time I got myself one.

There are A LOT to choose from and each has it’s own reason for being so you should probably google it first or hope you get a Lushie that knows the products well. I ended up picking up 100g of trichomania mainly cause I couldn’t decide on which of the macaroon shaped ones I wanted (I have my eye on Honey I washed my hair and their new one that smells like fireballs for my birthday) and also if I’m being honest here it’s because it smelled good and was the cheapest. As it turns out it’s made for dry and curly hair, my hair isn’t droog but it does frizz and it’s curly.


What Lush says about it’s Coconut shampoo for dry and fluffy hair
“We’ve cracked in the making of this shampoo, cracked coconuts that is! Our most hydrating solid shampoo, Trichomania is for hair that has lost its moisture and needs to be tamed. Moisturize, condition and lightly fragrance your dry, processed, curly hair with rich, creamed coconut and coconut oil. An amazing ingredient for parched hair, coconuts are full of conditioning cream that covers every strand in moisture. By moisturizing that deeply, you can get better control of frizz and make your dry or curly hair behave once again. We blend in vetivert oil to calm your senses and give Trichomania even more of a delightful tropical scent.”

I’ve used it twice now and I LOVE it, I am seriously so damn impressed. It lasts longer than normal shampoo, doesn’t have all the junk crap they put in the store bought stuff and it doesn’t make my head itchy either which is a huge yay for me and a reason I’ve only needed it twice as the delay between washes is longer than when you’re using store bought shampoos. It also doesn’t attack the colour in my hair as badly! As for the trichomania being perfect on curly hair I can attest to that, I have those chunky curls that people hate me for (my bad) and it’s really defined them and my hair also feels thicker and fuller. I want to show you a pick for the result but my hair needs a colour touch up so you just have to take my word for it.

So my vote on shampoo bars? HELLS YES!

And of course now I’m really keen to see if I can make my own cause that would be pretty damn awesome. *gets googling*

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