One more stop. I think

We missioned through to Rosebank which was a good 40 minute drive (and that for capetonions requires padkos hahaha) for a birthday party and The Person headed there from Stellenbosch. For a party that was an hour and a half long. 

So here we are, in Rosebank, in 2 cars. May as well do something this side to make the trip out worth the while yeah? Well we were walking distance from the train station so decided to park the cars and go on an adventure. 

Fysh adores the train, it’s his favourite thing which is weird cause I thought that after spending 26 straight hours on it (twice – we took the train to jozi and back) would’ve cured him of the excitement but clearly I was mistaken cause he often asks to take the train. So a train trip to Kalk Baai it was then.     

We hopped on in Rosebank and got off in St James because for some reason The Person had it in his noggin that the restaurants were between the stations (not true, get off in Kalk Bay!) but it’s not a long walk between the two thankfully, though it felt that way as my foot still hasn’t healed right and I was wearing sandles and of course we put shoes on the Fysh and had to listen to the constant moaning till eventually I just told him to take them off and carry them.  

We had lunch at Cape to Cuba, I love how it’s built up of scrap wood and frames and that they decided to give up cleaning the floors and just turned it into a beach instead. Plus they make good cocktails though it’s a bit tourist priced. 

Somehow we did the trip to lunch sans tickets as there was no one at Rosebank or St James but we got The Person and myself tickets in Kalk Bay (Fysh is free) and it still worked out less than diesel would’ve cost the same trip (plus the stress of sitting in that traffic)   

If you haven’t done it yet I say go do it. It’s such a great adventure. On the way back a guy with a saxophone got on and Fysh combined him to play for us. You can’t get that experience while you’re stuck in traffic. 

Also, lots of police policing the trains even on public holidays xxx

(There are some great photos on the camera you see Fysh sporting but I still don’t have wifi so will post them when I can blog from the iMac again)

3 thoughts on “One more stop. I think”

  1. catjuggles says:

    That’s such a great adventure for the day

  2. Bianca says:

    We should make the trip one day! I also love trains :)

  3. Tamlyn Dippenaar says:

    Beautiful Pics, Love the last one of Fyshness <3

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