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of family and weddings

My cousin was married in Mykonos on a windy but perfect Saturday to her long time person and I got to be there.

It was my first wedding where I wasn’t the photographer and I struggled to get through the beginning without having something to concentrate on but my cousin looked gorgeous and she radiated happiness which is what counts the most out of everything. She was all smiles and laughter. She did all the decor herself and you could see the effort she put in, it was really pretty. Simple and elegant.

The only part I thought really sucked, other than the fact that several guests left right after they’d eaten, was the actual ceremony, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not into weddings or religion. The reverent or whatever she was kept getting the groom’s last name wrong (she kept calling him Cranberry instead of Cranmer), she pronounced them Mrs and Mrs and she kept bringing up her own divorce (not kidding you!) and at one point I wasn’t sure if she was wedding them or Jesus himself. I think even my cousin was getting a little frustrated there.

Isn’t it weird (and a little kak) that family only ever seems to get together at weddings or funerals? I saw my uncle for the first time in 15+ years and my maternal grandpa after 2 years? My uncle has 2 kids I didn’t even know about (he’s only 6 years older than I am) and turns out he lives 30 minutes from me :/ BUT I am pretty happy they were there and that we got to spend a few hours with them.

The best moment of the entire weekend was the few minutes I was able to dance with my grandpa. He walks with two canes, really difficulty and slowly as his legs are really bad but he gave in to my begging and shuffled over to the dance floor. I convinced him to give up one of his canes and had to hold on really tightly to him to make sure that he didn’t fall over but we ‘danced’ and had fun and he laughed, like a proper laugh I haven’t heard from him in a while. And as it turns out he hasn’t been on a dance floor in over 30 years and he kept thanking me for the dance.

Big thanks to The Person who did all the driving and to my mom who bunked with her brother so that The Person and I could stay over as well and not drive back the same night xoxo

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