Nut free basil pesto

We get a lot of veggies fresh from a friends farm but we never know what we’re getting, it’s like a fun surprise package once a week.

The past few we’ve been getting basil, too much to use before it goes wonky and wasted so with this last batch I decided to hit Pinterest for ideas. Of course pesto was the most listed but have you seen the price of pine nuts and parmesan?

A really good friend has a severe nut allergy and she’s often wondered why restaurants don’t use nut free pesto seeing as so many people have nut allergies – this had me googling for alternatives. I didn’t have all the ingredients they wanted so I sort of looked through a few different ones to get some ideas and then winged it.

I think it came out pretty good and if the fact that M came home the next day with a crate full of basil leaves and two bags of sunflower seeds means anything then I think he liked it as well ;)

I didn’t add garlic because i add so much in our food it’s not really needed but most recipes ask for it so add if you want to. I added chili’s cause I had them and did Cheddar instead of Parmesan cause finances but it works without cheese if you want it vegan.

It’s also a lot easier to make than you think – get your ingredients, pop it all in a blender, blend till it’s a paste and voila!

I made a cute graphic so you can download and print it for your recipe book. Do people even keep recipe books like that anymore? My mom has a few still, they have the best recipes in them passed down from friends and family or cut out of magazines.

Until next time…