Nothing to say but all the words

I want to say that nothing remarkable has happened and that’s why we’ve been quiet but the honest truth is that I am generally just too damn tired and have no motivation these days.

My essays for assignments are long so by the time I’m done the last thing I really want to do is sit and write, mostly because I’m afraid all I’ll do is complain. Things have been really hard around here lately particularly work-wise, or the lack of it more so actually. But that has let me get more on top of my studies though the anxiety and snappy-ness is a not fun side effect.

I have an exam in April already though – WHAT THE EFF – 4 days before my birthday and then another one a week after it. Thankfully I don’t have any on consecutive days again like last year, those seriously sucked. But man, why in April already?!

Our garden is looking so nice and green considering that it’s summer. Our cucumbers are growing, I even got to pick a few beans recently to harvest seeds for next season and we have tomatoes coming out our ears :P And the sunflower seeds I threw out randomly for the birds decided to grow where they were “planted” so I have happy flowers popping up. Though our grass looks like something out of a bad 70’s porno cause our landlord has yet to fix the damn lawnmower.

I’ve actually been considering signing up for a podcast account cause it’s so much easier to record my thoughts and there’s no spell check involved :P But then I wonder what the hell I would say that’s entertaining enough and I get all discouraged.

Gave the blog a bit of a makeover, hoped that would help. Not sure if it did but at least I got a few words down. It is also most likely the reason my blog went a bit psycho and spammed you with the most ridiculous posts. I tried to fix that but whatever I did didn’t even work so I apologise for that.

I have 2 bookish giveaways planned so keep an eye out as I’ll list the first one next week. There’s one for the grownups even!

Thanks to all those who’ve stuck around even though I have been so awol. Just been trying to find my place in this niche driven world and decided that boxes make me claustrophobic anyway so just going to stop trying to fit in and do my own thing. Not all blogs need to be all pretty and polished right? I don’t have time to write things like that anyway so eh.

Deal with my chaotic ramblings ;)

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