New phone, who dis?

Okay so yes I do have a new phone but that’s not what I mean, I’m sure that you had a bit of a “huh” moment yesterday when you got an email about the new blogpost and it’s all not Cupcake and Fysh, am I right? Was there a “I don’t remember subscribing to this” moment? So yeah, we’ve “rebranded”. Again.

Well technically Cupcake and Fysh wasn’t a rebrand it was just a free hosting to paid hosting shift a few years back. But it was still a bit of an odd change, going from the limit WordPress hosting to all of a sudden having all these plugins and of course the loss of the SEO we’d built up over the years (WordPress reminded me that I’ve been with them for 8 years now and before that we were with Blogger for 5 years – man I’m getting old!).

So why the change? Well the past year things have really changed around here, for the better of course.

When we were in Gouritsmond I had a moment on the beach where I stood watching M and Fysh jump in the waves (I actually ended up joining them!) and realised that our family dynamic is no longer just Cupcake and Fysh, we’re Charlie, Fysher and The Person. We have been for a while but I realised then just how much. Also perhaps the fact that Fysh and M now call each other “Dad-ish-thing / Daddy-ish and Son-ish-thing / Son-ish – which of course is hilarious but totally melts my carefully constructed facade.

We’re all students now (M finally got accepted to UNISA and has registered for next semester), we all live in the same house (only took us 4 years of commuting haha) and we are still whole-heartedly trying to get our shit together (mostly finances) so that we can store all the important stuff and then van-life. And eventually emmigrate.

And therefore a change was needed. We might not be up to no good but we solemnly swear that we will always have an opinion and many many adventures to share!

Until next time…

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