New boots!

Well that’s actually new boot. Singular. As in a moonboot. 

Note to self > running in an empty damn with flip flops on is a shitty idea and also broken big toes don’t heal properly or on their own if you don’t slow the fuck down and let them. 

No more running attempts or kicking my bag for a while. Got to cancel that hike as well. Le sigh.  

At least my hands are fine so I can still crochet orders. 

Been a quiet on here cause I haven’t had much to say really and am neck deep in crap I’m trying to sort out. Such is life though. 

Am sure I’ll find my blogging mojo soon again. 


So until then I have books that desperately need reading and orders that need crocheting. And a kid that constantly wants attention and food. And bills that need paying. Adulting is a trap.  


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    1. Thanks lovely! It’s more the boot that’s a pain in my ass hahaha, it’s cramping my style! But that’s why I have it, because I’m too damn rough with my foot

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