Nature’s Farm Pasta!

natures farm pasta

We had the most epic press drop full of farm goodness. There was cake flour and brown flour and really epic cookies and of course PASTA!

I know that we shouldn’t eat pasta. Or at least in moderation but we are a pasta household as it’s cost effective and filling and you can make SO many different dishes out of it. The Nature’s Farm pasta (and other goods) are available at pnp and with their gorgeous packaging you really can’t miss them, they do stand out (in a good way). We don’t shop there often but when I popped in the other day I actually pointed them out to Fysh cause of the pretty packaging (I’m a visual person) so when they asked if we’d take part in the #NaturesFarmChallenge I was dead keen.

natures farm pastaWe’re still deciding on what recipe to use for the challenge and we’re making our way through all the products cause you know… taste testing ;)

Fysh says his favourite is the Two Rivers Pasta Screws so I made him his favourite Tuna Bake with them :)

two rivers pasta screws

It’s dead easy to make and it’s perfectly budget friendly. It makes a pretty big serving and feeds us for 2 days but it’s so good you don’t mind eating it for every meal!

1x packet pasta of choice.
1x packet of thick onion soup
3x cans of tuna (we sometimes swap this out for 500g mince if the budget is tight and mince is on special)
1x large packet simba chips (usually I use salt and vinegar but they were out) 
1x block of cheese
Garam masala
Whatever veg you want to add. I just chose mielies.

Cook pasta aldente then throw into a dish. Add in tuna and veg. Pour in the soup (don’t make it on stove, just add the powder to water and mix well) Add bit of masala. Grate in some cheese and add roughly half a bag of chips. Mix it all really well. Then crush up remaining chips and add as a layer on top. Lastly add a layer of heated cheese and pop in the oven on 220 for about 20/25 minutes :)


This isn’t our recipe for the #NaturesFoodChallenge haha just a bonus one cause Fysh insisted. Also, if you follow that hashtag on social media you’ll be able to see everyone that’s taking part. I love all the different recipes coming out after being given the same products!

If you want you can go check out @GWBPK on Facebook for more info on their products or tweet them at @GWKgroup if you have any questions :)

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