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My (not so) perfect life – Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is one of those predictable authors that you keep in your back pocket, you know that she isn’t going to disappoint and that her writing is going to be one of those perfect Sunday afternoon reads where you pour yourself a G&T and grab a comfy spot and tell the family you’ll see them later. Or as was my case; a coconut latte and cookies while Fysh watched Phineas and Ferb :)

Unlike her other books it’s not particularly a laugh out loud, it’s more subdued and sensible than her previous books, but it’s still a fun read don’t get me wrong. The main character is strong and likeable and also pretty smart compared to some of them and she’s focused a lot more on her in this one.

A quick summary > Katie grew up on a rural dairy farm but tries to carve out a an Instagram worthy life in London so she changed her name, accent, and appearance for to fit in, and of course her Instagram feed makes her life look way more glamorous than it really is. (Because who’s doesn’t right?)

BUT then Katie gets fired so she heads home for a while and  to help her dad start a glamping business. This of course leads to all sorts of funny and heartwarming moments particularly when Katie’s devil wears Prada of a former boss comes to stay and Katie learns there’s a different side to her.

In between all of this is a bunch of smaller plots involving romance (mmm… Alex) and revenge and a friendship that was completely unexpected.  It’s an easy-going  and heart-warming read to have on your shelf this winter.

You can get it from Penguin Random House :)

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