My forever treasure

Remember when I won a spot to join one of Janine Binneman’s jewelry workshops? We had such a fantastic time and even Fysh loved it, mainly because Janine gave him a piece of wax to faff with and keep busy while I was learning all the things (or trying to anyway).

Well I got a message saying “your rings are ready” and I was a little confused because I was only getting one, Janine being the magical mermaid she is went over and above and she had turned the piece of wax Fysh had faffed with into a ring as well. I can’t quite articulate the wave of emotion that hit me when I pulled it out the little box. I would give up every single one of my Harry Potter books for this single piece of silver. And that should tell you something.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to what he was doing with his wax but he’d carved it and smoothed it, added a little texture but what knocked me was that Janine had traced his handwriting. He’d written FYSH AND MOMMY on it and she’d engraved it into it. It’s too small for me, made to fit his chubby little fingers, but I wear it on a necklace and hopefully one day I can have it made a little bigger so I can actually wear it on my finger.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not the biggest fan of my own design, it’s too big and chunky and not what I had pictured but this is in no way Janine’s fault, this is just my over judgmental artist brain being highly critical on myself. But hey, this means that when someone asks me the inevitable “is there anything you can’t do?” question I can say “yes – I can’t design jewelry” hahahaha. Regardless it still fascinates me how that piece of wax that frustrated me so much was turned into a piece of silver that could be worn forever. You really don’t think about those sort of things when you buy your pieces, well I know I never did but this has really given me a whole new outlook and appreciation for the craft.

There are still 2 workshops left for the year (am sure she’ll host more next year) and I am serious and not just saying this because of what she did when I say that if you have no idea what to get your partner or ask from them or even what to get yourself this holiday season and you’re in Cape Town then you need to email her and book yourself a space or buy a voucher.