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monopoly pieces
** Not a sponsored post. Just sharing a great find.

I mentioned the other day that Fysh has wanted a monopoly set for quite a while and was pretty distraught after the little incident where he “won” a set and then it was realised they gave it to the wrong people and took it back.

Today I finally found him a set!

Went to Checkers for the basics and accidentally went in the wrong side (the damn toy side) which I tend to avoid completely (out of site out of mind) but there was a parking right at the entrance so I grabbed it only thinking it would mean less hobbling on my part.

Walking past the games section Fysh spotted it and did that pleading face. They aren’t that bad at R250 for the original but even that simply isn’t in the budget unfortunately so I said not this time but then I spotted it! A travel size monopoly! It’s about half the size and comes in a case that you can pack everything in to so you can take it with you when you go on holiday. We don’t holiday too often but we do trip out to Stellies every so often to visit The Person. For R99 I thought stuff it let’s get the damn thing.

travel monopolyIt’s adorable! It makes me feel like a giant hahaha. It has the dog that everyone fights over, the boat, a train and get this… a CAT! Hahaha, I feel like it was made for me :P It’s all there and nothing it missing so I don’t feel like I should’ve rather waited for the big set. So thanks Hasbro for making a carry size!

The Fysh is vomiting rainbows of happiness I swear it. And you can guess that I have gotten NO work done today hahaha. Forgot how long this game takes but it’s fantastic as he’s having to do math to work out what he must pay and how many spaces to move, he’s learning about rent and mortgage and salaries and that life isn’t fair and you don’t always have the most money. One of those brilliant games that really has and I think will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for really awesome gift ideas for kids parties coming up I’d go check out checkers if I was you, they have quite a few games there that are R99 and honestly I think it’s great, you’re not spending it on shit, you’re spending it on a family game night and time away from a TV or iMac. Add a voucher for a pizza or something and you have a fantastic gift. Kid might think little of it when they get it but they will really adore the time their parents spend with them playing it. I’ve come to realise there is no better gift than that of your time as a parent.

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